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    The business case for lactation support programs? Easy. Retain valuable employees after maternity leave with a Corporate Lactation Support Program. Modest investment, great returns. Lower your health care and insurance cost, avoid “brain drain” from employee turnover, reduce sick time taken by parents for children’s illnesses, and have higher employee satisfaction.

    Health Care Reform may mean change for your business. Do you understand how to comply with the new breastfeeding-related requirements?

    Our experienced board-certified lactation consultants are here for you: Needs assessment, program design, program management, employee and manager training, lunchtime seminars, consultations, and equipment rental and sales.

    We were Corporate Lactation Program pioneers when we started in 1993, and we’re still providing high quality corporate services in the Washington DC area and around the country.

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Corporate Lactation Programs

Babies 'n Business, LLC will make your life easier by managing your corporate lactation center and integrating it into your existing wellness program. From new mother support to equipment, we meet all your workplace needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Fannie Mae and NIH are among our satisfied clients!

Compliance Support for Your Business

How will your company comply with the new healthcare regulations? We will help you make sense of the new workplace breastfeeding requirements and create an affordable action plan for your business. Don't waste time and money trying to decide what to do next. Our company pioneered corporate lactation programs, we know the law, and will help you comply with room requirements or integrate a lactation program into your existing health care approach.

Breastfeeding Consultations

Our experienced breastfeeding consultants will help you with breastfeeding questions and challenges so that you can relax and enjoy time with your child. A 1-2 hour consultation will boost your confidence and help you nurture your baby.

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