About Babies ‘n Business, LLC

Corporate Lactation Programs & Resources

Our founder, Jane Balkam, is widely known and respected for her expertise as a lactation consultant and for her pioneering work developing corporate lactation programs in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Fannie Mae and NIH are among our satisfied clients!

As more and more businesses and organizations recognize the benefits of women continuing to breastfeed while returning to work, the legal requirement to provide lactation support to employees, and the efficiencies of incorporating lactation programs into existing health care programs, Babies ‘n Business, LLC continues to provide high quality support for women and guidance for business.

We are here to help your businesses meet healthcare requirements and reap the economic and morale benefits of a corporate lactation program. With more than 17 years of experience, our consultants offer lactation program planning, education, and support—including managing your lactation room.

Our lactation consultants also work with mothers in the DC metro area to make sure that their breastfeeding is effective and less stressful. Most mothers can breastfeed effectively with the right support and our goal is to be their for you and your baby to give you both the best possible start.

As a lactation consultant and advocate for the health of women and babies, Jane has worked with several national committees advocating for increasing breastfeeding rates and duration in this country. Lactation consultants with Babies ‘n Business, LLC help new mothers overcome breastfeeding challenges at home and at work.

Jane began reaching out to congressional leaders in 1995 to educate them about the benefits of supporting breastfeeding mothers who return to work after maternity leave. Now, 15 years later, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is law and you can read more about Jane’s grassroots advocacy for women and children in health care reform on our blog.

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