Choosing a Breast Pump

Which Breast Pump is Right for Me?

The good news is that there are many excellent breast pumps on the market today. On the other hand, choosing which breast pump is right for you can be difficult. When making your decision, it is best to think about how you will be using your pump.

If you will be primarily breastfeeding and only need an occasional relief bottle, a manual pump or small electric pump may be just right and offer a convenient solution.

If you are pumping to develop a full supply for a sick or premature infant who can not breastfeed, or have breastfeeding complications, rent one of the hospital-grade electric breast pumps which allow you to empty both breasts at the same time such as the Medela® Symphony™, Lactina Select™ or Ameda® Elite™ breast pumps. These pumps actually help you maintain a proper milk supply and overcome breastfeeding complications like engorgement and nipple soreness.

If you will be working outside the home and separated from your baby 8 or more hours a day, consider purchasing one of the heavy duty personal electric breast pumps available in our store today. Choosing one of these heavy-duty personal pumps will cost you close to $300, but they generally last through 2 or more babies if you take good care of them. Some employers will provide access to good quality heavy duty breast pumps as part of their nursing mother’s workplace support program. Check with your employer to see if they have a program.

We recommend the hospital-quality Medela Lactina Select, Symphony, or Ameda Elite breast pumps to working mothers because these discreet top-performers are designed with their needs in mind.

If you are a first time mother, not sure how long you will breastfeed or if you will return to work full-time, or have complications that may be temporary, renting a breast pump can give you and your baby a great start.

In addition to selling breast pumps, Babies ‘n Business also rents high quality Medela Symphony, Lactina Select, and Ameda Elite breast pumps to clients in the Washington DC metro area—we make recommendations based on a consultation about your health, needs, and plans. If renting a pump is right for you, we will make the arrangements and you can come into our office, sign your paperwork, and pick up the pump.

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