Home Breastfeeding Station Set-up

Consider setting up a breastfeeding station on each level of your home so that you can relax and enjoy uninterrupted breastfeeding.

Furniture for your Breastfeeding Station:

  • Find a comfortable place to breastfeed your baby. (Chair, rocking chair, sofa, bed, floor, etc.)
  • Set up a surface within easy reach for needed supplies. (End table, snack tray, magazine rack, shelf, large cardboard box, etc.)
  • Provide a small, elevated surface for raising your knees above your hips. (Nursing Stool, footstool, large pillow, box, large book, footrest on a reclining chair)

Essential items for your Breastfeeding Station:

  • Pillows (to raise the baby to the level of your breast and to support your arms)
  • A large glass and water to drink (large pitcher, thermos, air pump, athletic bottle with straw. etc.)
  • Towels, cloth diapers, receiving blanket, or box of tissues (to catch leaking milk or baby spit-up), and a waste paper basket.

Optional items for your Breastfeeding Station:

Diapering supplies:

  • diapers, diaper wraps
  • changing pad (to use in your lap or on your bed, sofa, etc.)
  • wet washcloth or wipes
  • diaper pail

Food for mom (and toddler)

  • juice (in addition to water)
  • healthy one-handed snacks (cheese, crackers, fruit, granola, seeds and nuts, etc.)

Entertainment for mom (and toddler)

  • books, magazines, toys
  • telephone (cordless or with a long extension cord)
  • TV remote control
  • radio, tape recorder
  • notebook and pen (to make lists so you don’t have to remember things)


  • nursing pads

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