Breastfeeding Consults for New Mothers

Whether this is your first child or your fourth, when you have questions or concerns, the lactation consultants of Babies ‘n Business, LLC have answers. Scheduling a 1-2 hour breastfeeding consult as soon as you notice any challenges will allow us to:

  • Observe a complete breastfeeding session
  • Examine your baby—including mouth and tongue movements
  • Examine you and your breasts
  • Teach you specialized feeding techniques (some require special equipment or breast pumps)
  • Give you written recommendations on resolving any problems
  • Send a written report to your physician

We understand that breastfeeding a new baby can be stressful and believe in careful follow-up. Expect our lactation consultants to give you call to check on your progress. If you need a follow-up consultation, we’ll be there to make sure that you and your baby get the best care possible.

If you’d like to know more about breast pumps that will ease your return to work, explore our FAQs and take a look at products that we recommend in our online store.


We sell high quality breast pumps, accessories, and spare parts to individuals. Different women have different needs and we will always work with you to make sure you choose the right products to fit your pumping needs and budget.

A New Mother’s Story

Rachel represents the experience of many new mothers, read on and see if her story speaks to you or a new mother you know.

Rachel was at her wit’s end when she came to us for help breastfeeding her son Ben. It was so easy and natural with her daughter; she just couldn’t understand why she was having such a problem with her second child. Truth be told, Rachel was starting to blame herself for being to tense, she was sobbing when it came time to pump her milk for later, and she was afraid that she was just too old to produce milk properly.

After a full examination, Rachel sat and talked with one of our consultants who taught her techniques that made all the difference for Ben, and just as importantly gave her new confidence. She also learned that breast pumps had come a long way and the type she was using wasn’t very effective and made everything more stressful. Our consultant recommended renting a pump with a much better design and it made a huge difference for Rachel and Ben. Now Rachel has peace of mind, knows that she can call for support, and is ready to take advantage of new experiences with Ben because she trusts that her body will provide.

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