Corporate Lactation Programs

Do you see yourself in this story?

As a Human Resource Expert managing a Work-life program, Claire has a ton of daily responsibilities on top of the short, medium, and long-term planning it takes to provide quality wellness programs in her organization. She needed help setting up a Corporate Lactation Program before—but now changes in health care regulations have made it a pressing concern.

Since her organization didn’t want a piecemeal approach, Claire went looking for a company to manage her corporate lactation program, educate employees, be responsible for the room itself, and provide follow-through consultations to new mothers in those first crucial weeks.

Thankfully Claire found Babies ‘n Business, LLC to ease her burden and provide the professional support her organization needs—they even provide statistics to track how many new mothers are taking advantage of the Corporate Lactation Program and what services they use.

When it’s time for a health fair, they set up a table explain the program as well as offering classes to employees. Their Lactation Consultants are wonderful about reaching out to new mothers, who tell me how much it means to know the organization is looking out for their family. Babies ‘n Business, LLC made all the difference and make Claire’s life easier.

Corporate lactation support programs can lower your healthcare and insurance costs, help you retain valuable employees, and keep kids healthier so your employees take less time off for sick child care.

We offer a variety of Workplace Lactation Services that provide the high quality expertise, respectful care, and customized level of service to each and every client. Our clients trust us to provide education and services as we integrate workplace lactation programs into existing employee wellness programs. Fannie Mae and NIH are among our satisfied clients.

Managing Workplace Lactation Centers

When it comes to managing workplace lactation centers and programs, we have a proven track record and will integrate your program into existing employee wellness initiatives. Our consultants design and run lactation centers for large public sector companies around the country as well as smaller organizations in the DC metro area.

Prenatal Education Classes

Our prenatal breastfeeding education classes contain the most up-to-date information on infant nutrition, breastfeeding basics, and how to collect breastmilk in the workplace safely and effectively. All of our instructors are certified Lactation Consultants and bring extensive knowledge and experience to each hour long class.

Maternity Leave Phone Support

When you work with us, your employees have extensive and cost-effective support in the face of any breastfeeding challenges. A Lactation Consultant will contact new mothers enrolled in the program a week after their due date to answer any questions or help with problem-solving during those critical first two weeks at home with their baby. If the new mother experiences difficulty with breastfeeding that goes beyond the scope of a phone call, we will make an appropriate referral right away.

Return to Work Consult

We recognize that easing the stress of a new mother’s return to work is equally important for her peace of mind and business productivity. Approximately two weeks before she returns to work, your employee will have a personal consultation with a Lactation Consultant. They will cover a range of topics, including collecting and storing milk in the workplace, how often to pump, scheduling pumping times, and more.

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