Lactation Program Compliance Support

New changes in federal health care law mean that companies with 50+ employees must support breastfeeding mothers by providing a lactation room at work and scheduling break time for nursing mothers (there are some exceptions if it will cause undue hardship for the business).

What does it mean for your company, agency, or organization?

  • It means you must comply with the latest federal and state legislation developments, rules, and regulations that apply to letting new moms pump breast milk at work.
  • In the long run it means higher productivity from new moms, healthier babies, and less leave taken to care for a sick child.
  • Right now, it means your company needs a workplace lactation policy, a compliance plan, and some expert advice that will save you time and money.

Babies ‘n Business, LLC has an outstanding record of providing workplace lactation program consultations and will provide your company with the expert guidance you need to comply with the law quickly and efficiently. To reap the benefits of a program in your organization, you’ll need a plan and a clear understanding of the changes in store for your business and employees. We will help you design a program that works for your business and your facilities and if you are in the Washington Metro Area we can also monitor and supply your lactation rooms.

You can trust the experienced consultants at Babies ‘n Business, LLC to:

  1. Develop your workplace lactation policy statements,
  2. Ensure that you meet legal requirements for a workplace lactation room,
  3. Show you how to accommodate new mothers in ways that work for your business,
  4. Help you save money and increase productivity with your lactation program
  5. Offer lactation consultations to your employees
  6. Provide peace of mind to your employees

Check out the FAQs on break time for nursing mothers on the US Breastfeeding Committee website for more information.

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